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Post-Colonial Dinner Theater: An Attempt to Restore Erased Dignity

It was supposed to be a pinnacle evening. I must say, a pinnacle among pinnacles, because this trip has been full of amazing encounters and experiences. Flush with them. It’s been invigorating and exhausting and thrilling and inspiring. Tonight was … Continue reading

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Interfaith Prayer for Crossing Borders

I delivered this prayer was offered as part of daily chapel held today at Myanmar Institute of Theology in Yangon, Myanmar, where our study group from Andover Newton Theological School, has been their guest this week. Spirit of Life, God … Continue reading

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Visiting Pann Pyo Let: An Abundance of Abundance

I am beyond exhausted and yet feel the desire and the duty to blog. Our days are overfilled here. There is the theoretical option to opt out of an activity but few of us find that easy. None of us … Continue reading

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New Year, New Hope, and the Hokey Pokey

The last Sunday of the old year I spent at my internship congregation. I led what they endearingly call ‘Sandwich Worship.’ Traditionally, the Sunday after Christmas, worship takes place in the vestry of the building. Formal worship is truncated (and … Continue reading

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Trauma-Informed Meditation Protocol

During my upcoming trip to Burma, I will be leading daily meditation sessions for my study group.  Most of these fellow travelers have only a minimal familiarity with meditation.  We will be spending three days in a Meditation Centre, so … Continue reading

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Books for Burma (or is it Myanmar?)

In just over a month, I depart for Burma.  Or Myanmar.  Same difference. At least that’s the answer I get from the couple of people with whom I have talked who are from there.  Given my left-leaning politics, I picked … Continue reading

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