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Bidden or Unbidden: God in the House?

God keeps popping up at my house. Which is a little strange given that we are a couple of Buddhists. It started this summer, while I was interning as a hospital chaplain, part of the process to form me as … Continue reading

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Cracked: The Sequel

Chapel Service Baystate Medical Center July 28, 2014 These books on the altar represent the chapel services I did not give and will not have a chance to give: God Got a Dog – about our opportunity and responsibility to embody … Continue reading

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Don’t Fear the Reaper: Reactions When I Tell People What I Do

I was in line at my local food co-op, which just so happens to have the planet’s best dirty chai (the treat I get for myself after an especially hard day’s work). It’s embarrassingly expensive, but nothing else compares. IMHO. … Continue reading

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Prayer for Learning Self Defense Skills in a Hospital Setting

I wrote this prayer to frame a class on Non-Violent Physical Crisis Intervention required for staff at the hospital where I am a chaplain intern this summer.  Its purpose was to bring a trauma-informed understanding of our efforts.  Feel free to … Continue reading

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On Not Knowing the Soul

This was delivered on June 23, 2014, as the Chapel Service as part of my Clinical Pastoral Education – Summer Intensive program.  We have chapel daily and we students are responsible for creating the content several times per month.   … Continue reading

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From the Land of On-Call: A Day in the Life of a CPE Student

Twenty-four hours on-call. At the hospital. Not as long as one of my colleagues who this very same weekend is doing forty-eight (yes, two days straight ~ not to mention Monday through Friday on either side). This, apparently, is the … Continue reading

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Beginner's Mind and Dis-orientation to CPE: A New Beginning

Today was the second day of my first experience of Clinical Pastoral Education. Yesterday was officially “orientation,” which was hospital-wide and for anyone starting about this time, volunteer or paid employee. (I fall into the former category as a chaplain … Continue reading

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