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Lullabies for Our Children, Ourselves (sermon)

February 12, 2017 The Unitarian Society, East Brunswick, NJ   When my little ones were little, I would sing as part of our bedtime routine. One of the songs was The Ballad of Erica Levine by the late Bob Blue. … Continue reading

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Reading Life Into Failing Bodies: The Chaplaincy of Eros and Thanatos

A third of my summer chaplaincy internship was spent at a nursing home. It was quite a contrast from the pace of chaplaincy work at the hospital, each with much to commend it. At the hospital, I liked the pastoral-care-as-extreme-sport, … Continue reading

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Making Love in Public: Blogging on #SexUUality

Unitarian Universalists have a long history of courage in tackling issues around human sexuality—from campaigning for human rights, to pioneering innovative work in the Our Whole Lives sexuality curriculum… join #UUs this month for a discussion of sex–the challenging parts, … Continue reading

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Stuck to You Like Bad Packaging Tape: Shame-based Sex Ed

(This post was inspired by an informative Facebook post by one of the awesomest Religious Educators in the UU faith movement eva…) Take a quick look at this video by clicking here. (it’s a 3:22 long). Be prepared to be … Continue reading

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Sex versus Sexuality Ed: Healing the World

As I have written about before, OWL is the Our Whole Lives curricula regarding healthy sexuality. It was developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the folks at the United Church of Christ. A long time ago I was trained … Continue reading

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(Over the next two months, many members of my home congregation have been asked to share their dream for the congregation.  These dreams will be collected as part of the long-term strategic planning and thinking in which the congregation is … Continue reading

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Holy Tampon, Batman!

The holiest moment I have experienced at my home congregation involved a tampon. Many years ago I was trained to be a teacher/facilitator of the Our Whole Lives (OWL).  Don’t know what OWL is? Our Whole Lives helps participants make … Continue reading

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