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Adieu Enlivened Stardust

The enlivened stardust called Otis these past twelve years has been returned to the earth. We knew it was coming. Thought it still yet days away, but the night just past harder than any soul should have to bear, so … Continue reading

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On the Resurrection of Beloved Dogs (poem)

“Everything is mortal. It dies. But its parts don’t die. Its parts become something else. And we know that when we bury a dog in the garden. And with a rose bush on top of it.” (Mary Oliver, interview with … Continue reading

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F*ck Bucket Lists

So there’s this thing.  A term of art that apparently everyone (who’s anyone) knows what it means and its relative import (very) in the scheme of things.  There’s even a mediocre-to-bad movie I cannot bring myself to watch. When did … Continue reading

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Winning His Battle with Brain Cancer: A Good Man Has Died

Yesterday, my friend Mark Green died.  We knew each other in college.  In our first year, we narrowly avoided a one-night stand without loss of dignity or friendship.  In later years, at mutual friends’ wedding, our girls turned out to … Continue reading

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Winter Walk

Desiccated bronze orphans, aligned along branches, rustling symphony trembling in the wind. Brittle flags hanging, minor testament to doggedness, multiple casualties dropping to ground. I know they are just leaves, and I am just walking. That is just tree. This … Continue reading

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Forget the Blessings (poetry)

for T.C. Forget pious blessing chatter. The nice-nice that assures polite company the world still spins properly.   It doesn’t. It’s off kilter. Your son is gone. All is not right in the world.   Should you take my advice, … Continue reading

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Metal May Well Revert (poetry)

I am posting this poem here, as my dear friend’s mother died last night.  I wrote it 5+ years ago for my friend about her mother.  The time has come for my friend’s grieving… Metal May Well Revert for Naomi … Continue reading

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On Death: Four Noble Truths and a Metta Prayer

Another death. Two, actually. One is the death of a UU ministerial colleague, the Reverend Georgette Wonders, whom I had never met. Stories of her life and sudden, unexpected death, the sorrow of those who knew and loved her, are … Continue reading

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…, and I will give a white stone, and on the white stone is written a new name that no one knows except the one who receives it. (Book of Revelation, 2:17b, NRSV) In class, one of my colleagues finds … Continue reading

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Meditations on Grave Digging

I am not known to shy away from death (not yet, at least).   Lest you forget or didn’t know, I am the foster parent (shhh, don’t tell DCF) who, when the cat hid away to die and was found twelve … Continue reading

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