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I Want You to Panic: An Earth Day Sermon

When it comes to climate change, climate changeD, climate chaos, climate constriction, climate collapse…whatever you call it — preaching hope is not a straight-forward thing. Continue reading

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How of Now: Holding this Earth, Our Gratitude, Our Pain (sermon)

First Parish Church of Groton, April 26, 2015  Audio version here. Perhaps you know this parable, which invites us to see with new eyes, or eyes that are willing to see newly: There once was a simple farmer who lived … Continue reading

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Risking Hope: Who Could Have Seen That Coming?

So it would be just peachy if everything worked out all cause-and-effect-like. Two-plus-two-equals-four. You cut onions: your eyes tear up. The cat is  in the box whether you look inside at it or not. (Unless, of course, you are Schrodinger. … Continue reading

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On Money, Prayer, and SWEDOW: Responding to the Typhoon and Other Disasters

(This is part I of II.  Here is part II.) Love and compassion, guide us. Help us to be spiritually present in the recovery, even when oceans are between us. Fill our prayers with solace and hope. Help us support … Continue reading

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In the Company of Home Wreckers: Bidding for Our Survival

Tim DeChristopher. If you don’t know his name, it’s time you did. Tim DeChristopher is also known as Bidder 70.  He’s the guy who, through a turn of events not wholly of his own making, found himself among people trying … Continue reading

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What is Worth Saving? (sermon)

Village Church, Cummington, MA May 19, 2013 Karen G. Johnston Candidate for the Unitarian Universalist Ministry Readings A Stone Jug A bulldozer digging a pond on my mother’s family’s land unearths two stoneware jugs buried four feet in the ground, … Continue reading

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