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On Not Waiting to Be the Hummingbird (redux)

The Life and Death of Lee Hawkins First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque July 14, 2019 A quarter century ago, I asked the coordinator of my grandmother’s hospice care, how my grandmother was doing – not medically, but spiritually.  She said … Continue reading

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Befriending Death: An Excursion (sermon)

The Unitarian Society, East Brunswick, NJ Our reading can be found here. Dylan Thomas’ most famous lines are these: Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against … Continue reading

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On the Resurrection of Beloved Dogs (poem)

“Everything is mortal. It dies. But its parts don’t die. Its parts become something else. And we know that when we bury a dog in the garden. And with a rose bush on top of it.” (Mary Oliver, interview with … Continue reading

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Pastoral Prayer: Possible Angels and Miracles

(This prayer was inspired by a poem from Mary Oliver, “The World I Live In,” a copy of which I have not yet found on the interwebs, and thus cannot link to it.) May the Spirit of Meditation and Prayer … Continue reading

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Coming to the Pond: Surrender & Prayer (sermon)

Unitarian Society of Northampton & Florence August 9, 2015 (The Mary Oliver poem referenced in this sermon can be found here.) When I joined my first Unitarian Universalist congregation, this very one, nearly twenty ago, there was not much tolerance … Continue reading

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The Hope of Raspberry Brambles

It’s risky, writing about hope without being in touch with at least some semblance of it, particularly when one aspires to be a minister. My post yesterday for today’s Earth Day was not hope-giving. It was well-crafted. It was articulate. … Continue reading

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What To Do? Syria and Helplessness

I have been thinking about and reflecting upon and experiencing feelings of helplessness a lot lately.  There’s good reason, some of which is too personal to go into here, but it’s been a major theme in my spiritual life this … Continue reading

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Soul Searching Ahead: Unitarian Universalist Conversations on Race

Over and over, the dangers of oversimplification rang forth.  Participants maintained — indeed, they demonstrated — that all of us engaged in the struggle against racism and other forms of oppression — no longer need to fear or avoid conflict, … Continue reading

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City Called Wait: Where Not Everything Is Lost

Not all that long ago, I flew to the West Coast to visit my mother.  Originally, the tickets I had bought were superb: one layover for less than an hour.  Just enough time so I didn’t have to worry about … Continue reading

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