NotYetRevKJMy name is Karen G. Johnston.  I am on the path to become a Unitarian Universalist minister.  The heart of my theology and ministry can be summed up in two wide concepts: AWAKE and WITNESS.

AWAKE: to grow our spiritual capacities in this world, we are asked over and over again to be awake; to turn towards, rather than away from, heartache,  suffering, oppression and injustice.  We are called to open our eyes with curiosity, our hearts with compassion, and our conscience on the side of those who have been marginalized. 

WITNESS: ours is not to passively watch, but to actively witness.   This is to engage, not to observe from a comfortable distance.  This is to live into our place in the interdependent web of all existence and our tasks reflecting the Universe which is its participatory nature.

I spent the first half of my formal studies at Hartford Seminary.  I will complete my degree at Andover Newton Theological School (aiming for December, 2015).

IMG_3597Before heeding the call to professional ministry, I was a licensed clinical social worker (still am), working mostly with families with infants and toddlers.  You can see some of that work that I still do at karengjohnston.com.

I come from generations of farmers though I didn’t grow up that way.  I spent most of my years on the West Coast, mostly in Oregon but a bit in Southern California; now I have lived in Western Massachusetts for twenty years-plus (and inbetween, there was Boston and Washington, DC). There’s alot of interfaith happening in my family — Buddhist partner, Jewish brother, lots of family members who are decent people and don’t do religion at all.

My kids are young adults, I was born in the late 60s, and I’ve lived in some of thkje world (East Africa, Sweden, West Germany) and traveled to others (Cuba, Leningrad, throughout Western Europe, and most recently, to Myanmar to study Buddhist-Christian relations).

I am of the firm opinion that the Pacific Ocean has far more soul than the Atlantic.  I have a Buddhist meditation (Insight/Vipassana) practice, a deep desire to love my neighbor while standing on the side of love, and a hard-wired appreciation of 80s music, regardless of quality.  I have been a poet and still am sometimes, though much of that energy that once went into poems ends up in this blog, or in prayers, or sermons.

This blog used to have the title of “Irrevspeckay” — not easy to remember. It was based on  my friends lovingly calling me, “Rev,” but since I’m not there yet, we’ve settled on the title of “Irrev” mixed with one of my nicknames — Irrev Special K or irrevspeckay.

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  1. Melinda says:

    Love the pic of you w/kids – great smile (and rockin’ the red shoes!)

  2. jj says:

    Hi, Karen. I am impressed by your writing, and I would like to be able to follow your blog by e-mail, but that feature does not seem to be enabled.

  3. jj says:

    …or, perhaps I need more coffee 😉 I’ve figured out how to get the email subscription. Cheers!

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