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Tonglen: Enough. For Now.

I met Doris* as she lay in a bed on the pulmonary unit to which I had been assigned as a hospital chaplain intern. At the moment when we met, she her breathing was “good enough” – not well enough … Continue reading

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Reading Life Into Failing Bodies: The Chaplaincy of Eros and Thanatos

A third of my summer chaplaincy internship was spent at a nursing home. It was quite a contrast from the pace of chaplaincy work at the hospital, each with much to commend it. At the hospital, I liked the pastoral-care-as-extreme-sport, … Continue reading

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The Shared World: Lessons In Joy and (Dis)Comfort (sermon)

First Parish Church of Groton Karen G. Johnston, Ministerial Intern (audio version can be found here) Let’s do a short visualization exercise. That means when I say a word, you bring to mind an image or a word or phrase, … Continue reading

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Bidden or Unbidden: God in the House?

God keeps popping up at my house. Which is a little strange given that we are a couple of Buddhists. It started this summer, while I was interning as a hospital chaplain, part of the process to form me as … Continue reading

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Cracked: The Sequel

Chapel Service Baystate Medical Center July 28, 2014 These books on the altar represent the chapel services I did not give and will not have a chance to give: God Got a Dog – about our opportunity and responsibility to embody … Continue reading

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Don’t Fear the Reaper: Reactions When I Tell People What I Do

I was in line at my local food co-op, which just so happens to have the planet’s best dirty chai (the treat I get for myself after an especially hard day’s work). It’s embarrassingly expensive, but nothing else compares. IMHO. … Continue reading

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Homily at Interfaith Iftar, July 19, 2014

Let me start with gratitude. Thank you for this opportunity to take part in this interfaith iftar. Thank you for this chance to come together across faith traditions, across beliefs that share commonality as well as contradiction. Thank you for … Continue reading

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True Story: Married not Once, but Twice, to a Dying Woman

This is a story of lesbians in love.  It is also one facet of the jewel story of my sister-in-law’s sister, Jill Johnson-Young.  I hope that I got all the details right, but I might not have –  the heart … Continue reading

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