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Think about your personal experiences with the place beyond hope and fear. I’m certain there’ve been many times when you found yourself stepping forward without hesitation. Something in the situation called you into spontaneous action without calculating costs and benefits. … Continue reading

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Between Hope & Fear: A Sermon During a Hellish Election Cycle (sermon)

delivered at The Unitarian Society This sermon was preceded by a reading of Marge Piercy’s For Strong Women. Let’s be clear from the start. That was not locker room talk. It was not just banter among the guys, somehow normal … Continue reading

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Made for These Times (sermon)

The Unitarian Society, A Unitarian Universalist Congregation East Brunswick, NJ Audio version here. Not that long ago, a journalist suggested a parlor game to a group of historians. It was mid-summer: after the massacre in Orlando, after the attacks in … Continue reading

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A Prayer for Those Lost in the Orlando Massacre

June 14, 2016 Shriver Job Corps Devens, Massachusetts I am sad. I am mad. I am afraid. These small words keep repeating in my head and heart. We are here to give voice to our grief because of the lives … Continue reading

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The Longing of Homesickness

What have you longed for with the intensity of homesickness? Of heart-sickness? Of both? Like a child who yearns for home but is at sleep-away camp for the very first time. Like a fleeing refugee, surrounded by the unfamiliar, by … Continue reading

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The Ferguson Challenge: Talking Across Race

I just returned from business travel that required flying in and out of Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) airport. I had to take a taxi from the airport to where I was scheduled to work. Though I tend to be rather non-conversational … Continue reading

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Notice Who Matters: The Sermon (Part 2 of 2)

August 17, 2014 Unitarian Society of Northampton & Florence  By Langston Hughes: What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore– And then run? Does it stink like … Continue reading

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