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Weeping & Walking & Welcoming My Inner Turtle

At dusk, an unscheduled detour and stop at the Peace Pagoda in Leverett, a place of calm for a very long time in my life. It is up a steep trail in a clearing in the woods on a hillside. … Continue reading

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A Prayer for Liminal Time

A liminal time, this… when the veil between life and death grows thin, when the rhythm of day drawing breath shows itself in the crackle of umber leaves, in the moon rising low in blue autumn sky. Many named: Samhain, … Continue reading

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On the Resurrection of Beloved Dogs (poem)

“Everything is mortal. It dies. But its parts don’t die. Its parts become something else. And we know that when we bury a dog in the garden. And with a rose bush on top of it.” (Mary Oliver, interview with … Continue reading

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F*ck Bucket Lists

So there’s this thing.  A term of art that apparently everyone (who’s anyone) knows what it means and its relative import (very) in the scheme of things.  There’s even a mediocre-to-bad movie I cannot bring myself to watch. When did … Continue reading

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Tiny Resurrections: Easter Sunrise 2015 (sermon)

The loss has been real. The darkness. Its apparent permanence. Hope cruelly stolen. Two millennia ago, we could not speak in the past tense, as we do now. We wouldn’t have found the rock rolled back, not quite yet. We … Continue reading

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Forget the Blessings (poetry)

for T.C. Forget pious blessing chatter. The nice-nice that assures polite company the world still spins properly.   It doesn’t. It’s off kilter. Your son is gone. All is not right in the world.   Should you take my advice, … Continue reading

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The Divine Reality of Brokenness — guest post

Here is this blog’s first forray into hosting a guest blogger.  You can learn more about the author of this post at the bottom; suffice it to say, Catharine is also on the path to be ordained at a UU … Continue reading

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True Story: Married not Once, but Twice, to a Dying Woman

This is a story of lesbians in love.  It is also one facet of the jewel story of my sister-in-law’s sister, Jill Johnson-Young.  I hope that I got all the details right, but I might not have –  the heart … Continue reading

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Meditations on Grave Digging

I am not known to shy away from death (not yet, at least).   Lest you forget or didn’t know, I am the foster parent (shhh, don’t tell DCF) who, when the cat hid away to die and was found twelve … Continue reading

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