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Inaugural Poem Mash Up

In honor of this presidential inauguration, I created this video interpretation, a mash-up of five of the six occasional poems created for the inauguration of U.S. president. Deep gratitude to my colleagues whose embodied delivery of these combined excerpts that … Continue reading

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Guest Houses of Old and of Today

Once a month I conduct what I call A Ritual of Gratitude and Letting Go.  It is based on the four-point spiral that guides the Work That Reconnects of Joanna Macy.  The WTR is focused on spiritual engagement with climate … Continue reading

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What To Do with Beauty?

Inspired by the words of Robert McAfee Brown and Sean Dennison What to do with beauty? or joy, for that matter — in the midst of tragedy, of violence, of cruelty?   What do we do with the living?   … Continue reading

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Coming to the Pond: Surrender & Prayer (sermon)

Unitarian Society of Northampton & Florence August 9, 2015 (The Mary Oliver poem referenced in this sermon can be found here.) When I joined my first Unitarian Universalist congregation, this very one, nearly twenty ago, there was not much tolerance … Continue reading

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Memento Mori (poem – video)

If all you do with this post is spend 4:15 minutes watching this clip, that is enough.  But there is a bit of (con)text below… [youtube=] Memento Mori is a Latin term. It has multiple translations, all approaching a concept … Continue reading

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Burma Reds (poem)

Bricks from the 9th century onward, the shape of pagodas and temples throughout the whole of ancient Bagan. Modern bricks, careful rectangular stacks surpassing my own height, on display before every third or eighth roadside establishment. Or in piles, waiting … Continue reading

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Winter Walk

Desiccated bronze orphans, aligned along branches, rustling symphony trembling in the wind. Brittle flags hanging, minor testament to doggedness, multiple casualties dropping to ground. I know they are just leaves, and I am just walking. That is just tree. This … Continue reading

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Tribute to Stephen Philbrick on the Occasion of Twenty Years in Ministry

this is the original version of the abbreviated tribute I gave this morning West Cummington Church November 30, 2014 These days I do not much write poems. Instead, I write blogposts and blessings, sermons and lists of assignments to complete … Continue reading

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Returning to Langston: Poems of Our Times

When I preached on the Sunday a week after Mike Brown was murdered in Ferguson, Missouri, like many ministers that week, I changed the topic I was going to preach on — like many ministers are choosing to do this … Continue reading

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Forget the Blessings (poetry)

for T.C. Forget pious blessing chatter. The nice-nice that assures polite company the world still spins properly.   It doesn’t. It’s off kilter. Your son is gone. All is not right in the world.   Should you take my advice, … Continue reading

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