Prayer on the 50th Anniversary of Selma

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Dearest God, Sweet Divine Spark,

we call out now,

in hope that all Creation will hear.

This planet, Oh God, is reeling.

The nations, Dear Lord, are suffering.

The peoples, Tender Mercy, are full of pain.

There is violence and injustice,

racism and oppressions,

both far and near.

People we do not know are hurting.

People we do know are hurting,

Dear God, we are hurting.

We feel the weight of history and its brutality.

We hear the call of the future and its possibilities.

Earth Spirit, we wonder about hope:

its promise, its turbulance, its endurance.

Spirit of Life, we pray: let us not confuse

hoping with wishing,

hoping with waiting.

Abiding Source, on the road of hope,

let us run and not grow weary,

let us walk and not grow faint.

hope-393239_640Holy One, God of Many Names and None,

forgetting not the cruelties and silences of our own history,

nor the acts of magnificent generosity and courage,

let us choose again and again

to be agents of transformation.

Gracious God, let us choose hope.

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