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Practicing Resurrection – Easter Sunrise (sermon)

As Unitarian Universalists and liberal religionists, we are not a people who tend to read the Bible literally. We understand that there is a historical context that helps us make sense of what might have been necessary, perhaps even life-saving, … Continue reading

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On the Resurrection of Beloved Dogs (poem)

“Everything is mortal. It dies. But its parts don’t die. Its parts become something else. And we know that when we bury a dog in the garden. And with a rose bush on top of it.” (Mary Oliver, interview with … Continue reading

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Tiny Resurrections: Easter Sunrise 2015 (sermon)

The loss has been real. The darkness. Its apparent permanence. Hope cruelly stolen. Two millennia ago, we could not speak in the past tense, as we do now. We wouldn’t have found the rock rolled back, not quite yet. We … Continue reading

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Reflection on Holy Saturday

For Christians, this week ending with Easter on Sunday is called Holy Week (which I learned just a few short years ago, go figure).  Here is a reflection I wrote for the day after Jesus was hung on the cross … Continue reading

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