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Any Reaction: Both are Transformed

Nearly two decades ago, when I first earned my MSW and ventured into the world of home visiting with families with children birth to three, I stumbled upon this quote from Carl Jung. It rocked my world. I resonated with … Continue reading

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Long Live Sensus Fidelium: Workshop Facilitation and Spiritual Intelligence

In my Early Christian History class, we talked about how creeds came into existence.  The professor ~ the brilliant, funny, and knowledgeable Reverend Mary Luti ~ spoke about the development of Christian creeds not as handed down from above. Well, … Continue reading

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On White Identity, Terrorism, Radical Subversion, Home Visiting, and Love

On Monday, Joan Walsh wrote a compelling article on Salon, “Are the Tsarnaev brothers white?”  She begins with a discussion of a piece by David Sirota, written after the bombing and before the suspects were identified, that expressed the hope … Continue reading

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