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Prayer of Gratitude & Despair: Earth Day

Hear these words of thanksgiving and of lament. Ours be a prayer of gratitude, raising praise for life that sustains and renews, to grace that surrounds and surprises, for the abiding truth: there is no separation between us and the … Continue reading

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The Hope of Raspberry Brambles

It’s risky, writing about hope without being in touch with at least some semblance of it, particularly when one aspires to be a minister. My post yesterday for today’s Earth Day was not hope-giving. It was well-crafted. It was articulate. … Continue reading

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Earth Day 2015

In the early 1980s, we all lived under the pale of mutual nuclear destruction.  Are you, dear reader, old enough to remember? I was in high school then and I took this very personally.  While others were out partying, or … Continue reading

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