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From Phone Booth to Cell Phone: Building the Next RE Program (sermon)

I borrow this series of questions from my colleague, Rev. Peter Boullata. ¬†You might also remember that I asked you these same questions about a year and a half ago when I preached about change and generational shifts. The need … Continue reading

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Failure is Our Only Option (sermon)

The Unitarian Society East Brunswick, NJ March 11, 2018 In the 1960s, the Unilever corporation, in their quest to make and sell laundry detergent, encountered a problem. Now, remember, this is more than fifty years ago, so the ubiquitous form … Continue reading

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The Mindset List: Congregational Life, Faith Formation, and the Future (sermon)

The Unitarian Society East Brunswick, NJ November 12, 2017   Let me begin with gratitude to my colleague, the Reverend Peter Boulatta, as I borrow from his sermonic playbook. How many of you remember phone booths? How many of you … Continue reading

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