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The Wait. The Weight. The Waiting.

In my household, the past several weeks have been dubbed, “The Wait.”

No, not the reality-tv process of abstinence before marriage that Meagan Good and Devon Franklin wrote a book about.  Not exactly my style.  Just sayin’.

The Wait a lá Karen: I have been “in search,” taking part in a months-long process of interviewing with prospective search committees from Unitarian Universalist congregations across the continent.   Last I heard, there were 70 congregations and ninety ministers involved.  Officially it started on January 2 but really it started before that, with preparation of documents and web sites and much more where that came from.

It’s been several phases long.  As each has progressed, the possibilities have been narrowed.  Though it does not end this week, this is the week when formal invitations will be extended, just to one candidate, and one candidate only, to present themselves to a congregation to be called as their minister (which is a whole other, very involved process that some have called “trial by potluck.”)

(Is this the right time to say the stakes are high?)

The Wait.

That’s a bit of a joke because much of the time it has felt like The Weight.

During some particularly absurd or light-hearted moments, it’s felt like this


(“It’s just Old Luke and Luke’s waiting on Judgement Day…”)

A colleague who is also in search just posted this video below.  It’s perfect.  So it’s not The Weight.  And maybe it’s not The Wait.  Maybe it should be The Waiting.

I have always liked the original by Tom Petty.  But, I have to say, I think Eddie Vedder’s voice is perfect. YMMV.

So I leave it for you to enjoy.  And I will try to spend these last few days doing this


P.S.  If you are interested in knowing the outcomes and you are on Facebook, you can “like” this page, called the Hot Stove Report, which announces search outcomes.

2 thoughts on “The Wait. The Weight. The Waiting.

    1. There can only be one candidate for each congregation in any given search cycle and each person can only accept one invitation to be a candidate.

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