Shameless Self Promotion: Karen Wants to be a Minister on GoFundMe

GoFundMeCLICK HERE: http://www.gofundme.com/enriws

This was the exact response from the husband when I brought up the whacky idea of doing some crowdsourced fundraising.  You know: Kickstarter.  Indiegogo.  The UU version called Faithify (which is great, but doesn’t fit this particular goal). Turns out there’s even a Buddhist site.

The husband said,

What do you have to lose?

[Pregnant pause.]

Except your dignity…

I hope not.  (He said it with a smile on his face that reflected my own optimistic ambivalence.)

So we’ll give this a try. (With the dignity intact, we hope.)

If you are a reader of my blog and feel so inclined, I hope you will click on the link above and consider sharing your abundance in support of my path towards ministry.  I send this request out into the wider world, my favorite line from an Anne Sexton poem lingering in my ears:

abundance scooped from abundance, still abundance remains

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