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An Invisible Thread: A Farewell Sermon

Let us start with a poem We all have a thread that runs through our lives. Sometimes we know what it is. Sometimes we think we know what it is. Sometimes, as Elea recently preached, we make plans based on … Continue reading

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I Wish That We Could See Each Other But That’s The Way Life Goes

Over twenty years ago, when I was completing the final of two eight-month-long clinical internships for my Masters of Social Work degree, I had to say good-bye to the clients I had been seeing as their therapist. Back then, and … Continue reading

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Loving, Holding, Letting Go (sermon)

Reading One     Saying Goodbye to Very Young Children by John Updike They will not be the same next time. The sayings so cute, just slightly off, will be corrected. Their eyes will be more skeptical, plugged in the more securely … Continue reading

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