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Doom & the Berlin Wall

I will tell anyone who will listen: I am a doom-sayer. I regularly predict the doomiest outcome. My children have suffered under the yoke of my predilections. It has led to lots of safety precautions they found over-the-top and learning … Continue reading

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Mirror, Mirror: Learning Humility (Part I)

Not that long ago, I was sitting in an early morning committee meeting, one of my first in my official capacity as an intern minister.  I wanted them to know that I value them.  I wanted to show them I … Continue reading

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Reflections on Small (sermon)

(a version of this sermon/worship service has been given in other places and exists also here on this blog.) Meditation: A Chassidic rabbi from the late 18th century, Rabbi Simcha of Bunim taught that every person should have two pockets. In … Continue reading

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